About Us

The Fylde Tai Chi Association is a friendly and informal group of practitioners who have promoted the principles and practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung on the Fylde Coast since 1996.

Tai Chi – An Ancient Understanding

The Tai Chi Symbol derives its name and principles from the Chinese symbol of harmony and balance. Based on an energetic, holistic view of their universe, the ancient Chinese developed exercises which would help maintain or restore this balance of energy in humans. The general names for these exercises is Chi Kung (Qigong) (pronounced “Chi Gung”), which roughly translated means ‘working with energy’. Tai Chi is one aspect of Chi Kung.

How does Tai Chi Work?

On a Physical level, the slow, relaxed condensing and expanding postures provide a whole body exercise. Tai Chi provides the wholesome movements necessary to help maintain the health of joints and elasticity of soft tissues. The centred, balanced postures combined with gentle twisting and stretching allows the body to relax and begins to free it from the punitive restrictions imposed by the stresses of daily life. Furthermore, the internal organs are surrounded by muscles; the gentle rhythmic movements of Tai Chi co-ordinated with relaxed breathing provides an “internal massage”, improving blood and Chi (Qi) circulation.

On a Psychological level, the meditative nature of Tai Chi helps develop a more centred mind free from distractions, enabling us to address everyday issues with more clarity and reducing stress by providing a brief “mental space”.

On an Energy level, relaxation of mind and body combined with positive mental intention, results in smooth flow and more efficient use of Chi, the body’s natural energy.

Medical Note

Tai Chi is an aid to health and should not replace medical treatment. If you are suffering or recovering from illness obtain advice from your GP before practising.